Music / 26/10/2021 Rolling Stone Magazine, Are These Really the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time?

Ranking music is a bizarre idea. Whilst it makes sense to rank your own favourite songs, to try to be representative of wider society’s views is nigh on impossible.  Rolling Stone Magazine consistently insists on trying though, and its latest effort was published last month when it revealed what it deems as the ‘500 Greatest...

Music / 26/10/2021 Something Else: Wet Leg/Inhaler at the Waterfront, 7th October

7:30pm, The Adrian Flux Waterfront…  You suspect most of the big British bands had their start in places like this. With the space too tight to fit this many people, where the lights – blue then purple – hang heavy in the air and mix with the smoke haze coating the room.  In a seven-song...

Music / 26/10/2021 Wildpaths 2021 Review: A Festival Like No Other

After Covid 19 caused it to adapt last year to an outside venue fittingly titled Wild Fields, Wild Paths is back and it’s safe to say, better than ever. The festival hosted over 200 artists in 20 venues ranging from the main stage of Waterfront to the intimate Rumsey Wells where only 30 odd people...

Music / 05/10/2021 What’s happening in Norwich this year?

Norwich has a vibrant history of showcasing musical talent of all genres. Whether you’re looking to experience an intimate gig featuring up and coming bands, or are wanting to hear some world-famous performers, Norwich has something to offer. Luckily, this year is no exception and local venues are hosting an incredible array of musicians from...

Music / 05/10/2021 Why Taylor Swift’s Red is the Perfect Autumn Album

There are songs which are ‘summer anthems’ and then there are albums – usually Christmas ones – which are on repeat throughout winter months. But do people associate music with spring or autumn? Not so much. Unless, of course, you’re a Taylor Swift fan. Taylor’s music is cleverly crafted to fit certain aesthetics, and to...

Music / 05/10/2021 Declan McKenna at the LCR

Navigating the live music scene in the pandemic has been difficult for artists and fans alike. Cancellations, rescheduling, lockdowns and, in Declan McKenna’s case, false positive tests, have put many plans up in the air. Despite a few days of uncertainty whether the gig could happen, the Nick Raynes LCR came alive in the presence...



What is the point of a review?

For this issue we asked some of our writers the question ‘what is the point of a review?’ Enjoy! Music reviews: a love-hate relationship. Some people like them, some don’t mind them and some hate them. They aren’t a mandatory requirement for people to write or read, and they come down to personal choice. The…


“Music is overlooked more than it should be”: Lucas Fox on the importance of music, and why Lockdown didn’t stop him from being creative

In the age of COVID, when everything is online, someone always must have technical difficulties. This person was me, and no more was this apparent than when I tried to video call Lucas Fox, independent musician and first year UEA student, on Zoom for an interview. Owing most of it to my technical incompetence, and…


You need to listen to LONG SEASON

LONG SEASON is an album and the name of its only track, produced by the Japanese dub group Fishmans in 1996. It’s the spiritual successor to their ’96 single, ‘SEASON’, which is similar in tone but not in ambition. LONG SEASON is a well-known piece among indie circles and online music forums, and certainly Fishmans’…


What do you miss most about live music?

For this issue, we asked three of Venue’s writers what they miss most about live music. Enjoy! There’s nothing that can make you feel more alive than the incredible atmosphere of live music. Of course, there’s the building excitement as you queue outside the venue, waiting to buy a t-shirt of your favourite band’s logo….


SINGLE REVIEW: Within The Outer

Billy George, lead vocalist and guitarist for the Norwich-based band Sleemo, has recently started a solo project under the name One Man’s Stop Sign. With three singles out so far, One Man’s Stop Sign is also set to release an EP very soon. Here is a quick look at the most recent of the three…


ALBUM REVIEW: Black Honey– Written & Directed

Written & Directed, Black Honey’s sophomore album, saturates the cinematic tone established in their acclaimed self-titled debut. The suggestive name and cover foreshadow the album’s glamour-and-gore sonic landscape and match the Tarantino-esque music videos Black Honey adore (death, discos and POV shots) – the opening track even references Django Unchained. Throughout the album Black Honey…


The importance of “WAP,” Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s unapologetic masterpiece

Conservative white men certainly needed a bucket and a mop to wipe up their sweat marks as Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” discomforted and infuriated them last summer. Here came everything they feared: sexually liberated Black women shamelessly voicing their desires, making plentiful use of expletives and reclaimed racial language. Against all odds,…


‘Music makes me present’: Kitty Fitz talks about dissociation, girl gangs, and the positives of quarantine

Kitty Fitz is an alternative pop musician based in South East London, currently on her third release. Her Spotify biography describes her as a ‘self-confessed liability’. Kitty’s music blends electronic synth and electric guitar. The production, often done by Kitty herself, is layered with dreamy vocals and poetic lyricism about love, mental health, and loneliness….

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