Music / 20/07/2021 What does the cancelling of festivals mean for the future of live music?

2020 brought hardship to all live music venues. Music festivals however, were particularly hard hit, with all scheduled events last year having to be cancelled. Despite promises that festivals would be able to see their stages filled by summer 2021, many organisations feel they have, once again, been left in the dark. Recent cancellations by...

Gaming, Venue / 20/07/2021 Making the Most of Your Nintendo Switch

Like many people, I fell into the trap of buying a Nintendo Switch during the first lockdown. At the time, this seemed like an excellent purchase. However, once my Animal Crossing island looked relatively full, my Switch was soon cast aside and left on my desk to collect dust for the rest of the year. ...

Books, Venue / 20/07/2021 Reading in Times of Covid-19

There’s a common sentiment amongst many bookworms that they miss that childhood feeling of reading book after book, undistracted, watching the pile of completed reads growing beside them. With adult life, this pastime often gets side-lined by our busy schedules and, irritatingly, by the consistent urge to check Instagram every few seconds.  Yet the pandemic...

Music / 20/07/2021 How important are lyrics in music?

An interesting question, and one I’m sure many have an immediate answer for.  Are lyrics more important in certain genres rather than others? Do they improve the song? Or are they always necessary?  It’s difficult to know where to begin but I’d argue lyrics have a high degree of importance in music.  Initially, melody is...

Film, Venue / 20/07/2021 The Upside to Inside: A Look Into The Potentials Of Post-Pandemic Film-Making

Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special Inside holds, at its core, a self-reflexive commentary on film-making in a world that has changed dramatically in the last eighteen months. It seems a revolutionary piece of art, exploring the process of film-making in a world slowly healing from a global disaster.   Burnham wanders around his apartment, cluttered with...

Gaming, Venue / 20/07/2021 Which is better: Mario or Sonic?

Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog are some of the most iconic video game characters from across the globe. As someone who grew up predominantly playing Sonic games, I have only recently started to explore the world of Mario. This got me thinking, which franchise produces the best games? Both make games that are visually...



How Covid-19 Has Affected My Reading

The pandemic has given me the chance to diversify the types of literature I’m reading. As a bookworm, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a book on the go. Before the first lockdown, nine times out of ten it would be a novel, often a Rankin or Le Carre. The pandemic, however,…


The art of observation for a hyper-digital generation

Attention is a commodity for all providers of service. Where restaurants rely on customers buying their food, and where musicians rely on listeners buying albums, tickets to gigs, and subscriptions to music streaming sites, social media providers rely on consumers giving their attention to their platforms to generate custom. Unlike other services, immediate attention is…

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