Gaming, Venue / 18/09/2021 Should GTA be remastered?

In August, several rumours were floating around suggesting that the original Grand Theft Auto trilogy could be seeing a remake. This includes GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, which was originally released for Xbox, and later re-released on other platforms such as PlayStation 2 and 4, Windows and Mac Os X. These rumours sparked...

Gaming, Venue / 18/09/2021 Happy Birthday Skyrim: What you can expect from the anniversary edition

In celebration of Skyrim’s 10 year anniversary, Bethesda have announced that they will be releasing a surprise edition of Skyrim, titled The Elder Scrolls V: Anniversary Edition on the 11th November.  Although what we’re all really waiting for is the next Elder Scrolls game in the series to come, some new content being added to...

Gaming / 16/09/2021 Celebrities you didn’t know were gamers

While the likes of Pewdiepie became a celebrity through a passion for gaming, there are many celebrities who also happen to be gamers. Be it living vicariously through the Sims or screeching our way into 3rd place on Mario Kart, there is something us non-celebrities may have in common with these six game-fanatic stars… 1....

Gaming / 16/09/2021 How the pandemic has led to an increase in female gamers

Gaming is often perceived as a hobby which is heavily dominated by men. This is especially true when thinking about heavy combat and sports games such as Call of Duty or Fifa.  However, according to a recently published study by Outform, a staggering 20% more women are gaming compared to pre-pandemic levels. The study collected...

Fashion, Venue / 14/09/2021 The Struggles of Muslim Fashion

In 2017, during a French lesson, I asked why Muslim girls couldn’t wear the hijab in French schools. The answer was simple: “All religious symbols are banned in French schools”. Not knowing any better, and being the only Muslim in my class, I thought nothing else of it. No religious symbols – it puts everyone...

Fashion, Venue / 14/09/2021 Shein to Launch Design Competition Reality Show: Redemption for Indie Designers?

As part of their seemingly unstoppable rise towards fast fashion domination, Shein recently launched their own reality TV contest. The show, which is now available to stream via Shein’s app, features 30 emerging designers competing to win a $100,000 prize and a capsule collection on the brand’s website. There is even a star-studded panel of...


Creative Writing


I’ve been gathering books on my shelf like shells. Like oddly shaped stones against tarmac and shards of glass that glitter in street lights at night, when I’m tipsy on wine and pretty girls, and the yellow glow makes them look like fairy dust, treasure that I scatter around my room like wishes. I’ve been…

Creative Writing

Hoping for the best but…

When I was little my birthday was my absolute favourite day of the whole year. I looked forward to it, loved everything about it. I loved opening presents, I loved choosing the flavour of the cake (chocolate), and I loved the special sense of attention that came with being the birthday girl. A day that…


Judging a Book by its Cover

It’s perhaps one of the most used idioms in the literary industry, the thought that you ‘can’t judge a book by its cover’, and has been around for just over 150 years. The phrase is used on billions of front pages and stayed in everyone’s head since their grandmothers brought it up on that first…


Digital artwork and NFTs

You may have heard a lot of talk about non-fungible tokens, or ‘NFTs’, if you’ve been paying attention to any talk in the art world lately. It feels to many as if this term has sprung out of nowhere and is quickly taking over. However, if you have so far managed to avoid the hype…

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