Arts / 21/11/2021 Groan Ups: A playful look on growing up that isn’t a gripe to watch

This was my first outing to Norwich Theatre Royal. As a theatre kid, I’m ashamed, but I couldn’t have picked a better show to see! Groan Ups is the genius idea behind the creative team Mischief, of such comedy hits such as The Play that Goes Wrong and The Comedy about A Bank Robbery, so...

TV / 16/11/2021 The Television Takeover of the MCU

With the release of Disney+, Marvel have been able to expand into new ways of storytelling. Ever since Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment back in August 2009, Marvel has inexplicably become one of the biggest cinema franchises in the world. With the move to Disney+ this allows the franchise to expand the MCU. However, this isn’t...

Music / 16/11/2021 Newton Faulkner at The Waterfront, 29/10/2021, with Support Acts Nati Dreddd and Sam Brookes

Nati Dreddd played lively, strummed pop songs and two covers. She seemed nervous but belted rowdily in her own Scottish accent, which is a welcome thing in a world of bland transatlantic voices.  Her best-performed song was her last, an old Gaelic-language stomper. She said, “It’s really fast, I cannae breathe when I sing it...

Books, Climate Change / 16/11/2021 Cli-Fi: Exploring the World Through Children’s Fiction

Mitch Johnson studied English Literature and Creative Writing at UEA and is now a published children’s author. His books expose injustices of the world whilst still being fun and accessible to young readers.  In October, Johnson conducted a talk as part of the Norwich Science Festival, discussing the power of children’s literature, particularly climate fiction....

Vera Venue / 16/11/2021 Labels, love and loneliness: How to figure out who you are and what you want in a relationship

“I feel like I’m loveless. I’ve been very confused about my sexuality for a really long time (I have come to the conclusion that if I had to choose a label that fit best it would be biromantic asexual). I’m not sure a relationship is exactly what I want. I’m even less sure if sex...

Music, Venue / 16/11/2021 Becky Hill: The Powerhouse at LCR

Becky Hill is one of the top pop artists of the century. With hit after hit in the charts, it’s no wonder her gig at UEA’s LCR was sold out. With a voice like hers, the LCR was an ideal venue that truly showcased her vocal talent and stage presence.  Before Becky took to the...


Fashion, Venue

The Return of London Fashion Week

September for the fashion world only means one thing: Fashion Weeks. Here in the UK, the London-based event saw 130 designers showcasing their spring and summer 2022 collections. Although the week is memorable for any fashion fan, this year’s shows were perhaps much more anticipated, with the models gracing the catwalks in person without restrictions….

Arts, Venue

Bridges by Claire Sullivan

Bridges is a brutally honest portrayal of mental illness. A bridge might seem like a slightly cliched metaphor when it comes to the complex areas of life that we all navigate at some point. But Sullivan dismantles the long-flogged bridge peddled by therapists and councillors and builds a new one out of the wreckage. One…

Books, Venue

Translated Texts

If you’re fascinated by all aspects of modern and traditional Japanese culture – from the bustling cities and picturesque countryside, the decadent cuisine and beautiful architecture, and the exuberant world of the performing arts to the quirky contemporary fashion scene – but you haven’t yet experienced the magnificent culture for yourself, these translated texts might…

Books, Venue

Noirwich Crime-Writing Festival: Killer Debuts

TW: fear, violence, animal abuse, trauma, lynching  The shadow of Noirwich, the annual crime-writing festival, descended upon the city of stories. From this darkness emerged three writers: Catriona Ward, Femi Kayode, and Greg Buchanan, connected by their shared experience as alumni of UEA’s writing programme. I caught their 11th September conversation with host Lee Randall….


The Fantastic Feeling of Found Family

People who know me know I’m a sucker for the found family trope. There’s so much comfort gleaned from it, and I know many of my friends feel the same. It’s beautiful, and heart-warming, but it can also be the start of wonderful conversations.  For those of you who don’t know what I mean by…


The Importance of Watching International Films

Parasite made history when it won Best Picture at the Oscars. Not only was it the first subtitled film to do so but it was the first South Korean film to be nominated for an Academy Award. Parasite also took home Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Film. Only twelve foreign language films…

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