TV / 05/05/2021 A Rewatch of… How I Met Your Mother

A beloved American sitcom following the ups and downs of love, friendship, and adulthood, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ triumphed in charming fans for more than 200 episodes within its nine series run. With its relatable characters and storylines, unique structure and mix of humour and drama, audiences could not help but fall in love...

TV / 05/05/2021 Eurovision 2021 – What To Look Out For!

After being cancelled last year, Eurovision is rising like a phoenix in 2021 to bring us some quality tunes! Here are five to look out for: Malta: Destiny – Je Me Casse I have to talk about Destiny really, given that she’s the bookies’ favourite to win at the time of writing, and it is...

TV / 05/05/2021 Review: The Irregulars

‘The Irregulars’ is Netflix’s new British crime drama starring McKell David, Thaddea Graham, Jojo Macari, Harrison Osterfield, and Darci Shaw. This cast is very appealing and are all very talented actors individually as well as when they work together. The plot follows a group of teenagers, named the Irregulars, living in the streets of London...

TV / 05/05/2021 My Comfort Watch: Gavin and Stacey

There are certain TV shows that every time you watch them, transport you back into a certain period of your life. Fuelled by nostalgia, and desperate for some comfort in a world that is anything but, I find myself re-watching ‘Gavin and Stacey’ quite often, as it goes. It initially became my comfort programme because...

TV / 13/04/2021 A Rewatch Of… Doctor Who

I have been obsessed with ‘Doctor Who’ since I was a kid. I’ve collected various memorabilia, snapped photos with TARDISes and Daleks, and spent Christmas days impatiently waiting for the special. One of the earliest memories I have is of watching it for the first time. It was the night before my 6th birthday party,...

TV / 13/04/2021 The Amelia Gething Complex: Bizarre But Brilliant

‘The Amelia Gething Complex’ is bizarre. It’s sort of a sitcom, but it’s also a sketch show; there was a Christmas special released in March and there’s an evil giant duck. It is basically a cartoon in live action, with extra weirdness thrown in for good measure and it’s back for a second series. It’s...



WandaVision Review: one of the best?

Disney’s ‘WandaVision’ does some incredibly innovative and unique things that kept me on the edge of my seat watching the show week by week. But, now that it’s all released, I feel that ultimately it falls into the same old MCU plotline that we’ve seen time and time again, rather than presenting a revolutionary television…


Lucy Worsley: History For The People

As a History student, I am a fan of Lucy Worsley. This may not seem surprising, but within academic circles she is a controversial figure. Her love of the dressing up box and, as she describes it, the “nitty-gritty” means that some accuse her of ‘dumbing down’ for the public. This is indicative of a…


A Rewatch of… Gilmore Girls

Uplifting, relatable, a cult classic, there’s no show quite as lovable as the charming, American comedy-drama series that is ‘Gilmore Girls’. Running for seven seasons from 2000-2007, this series focuses on the close relationship between fun, perky single mother in her thirties, Lorelai Gilmore, and her intellectual teen daughter, Rory. They’re the mother-daughter slash best-friend…


Can Period Dramas ever be Feminist?

The last couple of years have seen an upsurge in TV and Film adaptations of literary classics, with a distinctly feminist twist. In 2018, period drama fans were treated to another adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic ‘Little Women’. Then came Autumn De Wilde’s ‘Emma’, and the Apple TV mini-series ‘Dickinson’. The latest adaptation to…


Women on TV: The Inclusion Crisis

From Wonder Woman to Rachel Green to Villanelle, the presentation of gender on television has progressed since the 1970s. There has been an increase in inclusivity and a reduction in gendered stereotypes of women on television.  Wonder Woman is a figure of empowerment yet is sexualised and subjected to the male gaze. ‘Friends’ introduces Rachel…


WandaVision review: an experimental success

After watching the first episode I’ve been left very confused about the idea behind ‘WandaVision’. The series is streamed on Disney+, starring the characters Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch and Vision. Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it shares continuity with the films of the franchise, and takes place after the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame’….

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