TV / 12/07/2022 What to watch this summer  

Days on the beach in the summer sun can be as tiring as they are fun, which is why I like to sit back and relax with a new favourite TV show. Here are some of my summer picks:  If your summer is a little too much of this world, you may need an escape...

TV / 12/07/2022 TV, TikTok and Tunes  

We always think of how much a soundtrack elevates a TV show, but seldom think of how it also works the other way around.  As most people know, a soundtrack can do wonders to boost how people react to a show – think of The Summer I Turned Pretty. TSITP had banger after banger, from...

TV / 12/07/2022 CBBC and Gen Z’s Cultural Memory 

The CBBC Channel is something of a cultural touchstone for everyone who grew up watching it – myself included. Its programmes created shared moments and experiences which can still bring us together years later. Childhood memories have strong emotional feelings behind them, and so it is no surprise that the BBC’s announcement CBBC would be...

TV / 12/07/2022 TV Series Review: Heartstopper

A queer British coming-of-age Netflix series, Heartstopper is a wholesome rom-com teen-drama. The series follows the unlikely friendship of shy protagonist Charlie Spring, and popular, rugby-playing Nick Nelson. Their affections for one another blossom into a beautiful romance, leading them to navigate young queer love at school.   Premiering an eight-episode first season in April 2022,...

TV / 03/05/2022 The mistreatment of queer characters is more than fiction

The mistreatment of queer characters in TV shows is nothing new: the ‘burying your gays’ trope has been evident in popular media for far too long. This is the idea that queer people are stripped of a happy ending or healthy relationship, likely including a fatality. Often, the queer character was only a display of...

TV / 03/05/2022 The Privatisation of Channel 4

Channel 4 is a much-loved British television channel, which has brought both newsworthy information, and powerful entertainment to the public since it was founded in 1982. However, the government has now announced that they intend to go ahead with plans to privatise it. The reasoning behind this change is that ministers believe Channel 4, as...


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Channel 4: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

The government’s been knocking on the doors of the country’s cultural institutions for the last few years, and it seems it’s Channel 4’s turn for a visit. They are currently considering privatising the channel which has been publicly owned since its launch under the Thatcher government in 1982. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden says that it…

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Limited Series: Why are they so good?

Limited series are not a recent phenomenon. Roots was the first television miniseries to become a worldwide sensation. In January 1977, 36 million households tuned in to watch the finale which, at that point, became the most-watched episode in US television history. Limited series are self-contained narratives which are meticulously planned to achieve a particular…

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Live Broadcasting Is Here to Stay

The debate around the effects of streaming on live television viewership is one that seems never-ending. For years now, commentators have consistently sounded the death knell for watching TV in real time, yet here we are still having the same discussion in 2021. Audiences are undeniably not at the heights they once were, but linear…

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A Rewatch Of Schitt’s Creek

Although ‘Ew, David’ is the phrase spoken by many fans, Schitt’s Creek is anything but a revolting show. Created by father and son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, the American sitcom focuses on the dynastic Rose family who, having lost their fortune, are forced to relocate to a grotty motel in the town of Schitt’s…


A Rewatch of… How I Met Your Mother

A beloved American sitcom following the ups and downs of love, friendship, and adulthood, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ triumphed in charming fans for more than 200 episodes within its nine series run. With its relatable characters and storylines, unique structure and mix of humour and drama, audiences could not help but fall in love…

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