TV, Venue / 20/07/2021 Queer Representation in Modern TV: Normalised, or Needs More?

LGBTQIA+ representation on TV is growing, but it still has a long way to go. For decades, queer characters have either been completely lacking from our TV screens, adhering to harmful stereotypes, or have only been included to meet the diversity quota without having a character arc of their own. Some shows attempted to put...

TV, Venue / 20/07/2021 A Rewatch Of Schitt’s Creek

Although ‘Ew, David’ is the phrase spoken by many fans, Schitt’s Creek is anything but a revolting show. Created by father and son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, the American sitcom focuses on the dynastic Rose family who, having lost their fortune, are forced to relocate to a grotty motel in the town of Schitt’s...

TV, Venue / 20/07/2021 Reality Television, Audience Perceptions, and Mental Health

Being dissatisfied with our lives is a part of the human experience. We have all, at some point, felt inadequate when compared to other people around us, like we are lagging behind and cannot get ahead no matter how hard we try or how many things we achieve. Luckily for us, switching on the screen...

TV / 05/05/2021 A Rewatch of… How I Met Your Mother

A beloved American sitcom following the ups and downs of love, friendship, and adulthood, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ triumphed in charming fans for more than 200 episodes within its nine series run. With its relatable characters and storylines, unique structure and mix of humour and drama, audiences could not help but fall in love...

TV / 05/05/2021 Eurovision 2021 – What To Look Out For!

After being cancelled last year, Eurovision is rising like a phoenix in 2021 to bring us some quality tunes! Here are five to look out for: Malta: Destiny – Je Me Casse I have to talk about Destiny really, given that she’s the bookies’ favourite to win at the time of writing, and it is...

TV / 05/05/2021 Review: The Irregulars

‘The Irregulars’ is Netflix’s new British crime drama starring McKell David, Thaddea Graham, Jojo Macari, Harrison Osterfield, and Darci Shaw. This cast is very appealing and are all very talented actors individually as well as when they work together. The plot follows a group of teenagers, named the Irregulars, living in the streets of London...


OldVenue, TV

Then and now: The West Wing, today

This year, Barack Obama will be challenged by a Republican hopeful in the presidential elections. The decision over who will be the lucky opponent is being dragged out, state to state, in the Republican nominations, as the candidates perform in a wild media circus, introducing themselves to the world.

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