Vera Venue / 03/05/2022 How to confront an emotionally distant relationship

“Hi Maja! I’m really struggling with my best friend at the moment. She has always been very focused on romantic relationships and making sure she always has a person around to give her affection and attention. Since we came to uni together it has gotten much more intense and sometimes her love/sex life is all...

Vera Venue / 22/03/2022 The Bitter-sweet reality of a covid graduation

“I’m about to graduate at the end of April and I’m absolutely gutted. I feel like Covid stole so much of my uni experience and am still angry about that, and just not ready to move onto the big wide world. How do I prepare myself to leave uni?” Pepper, 22 Hello Pepper! Your message...

Vera Venue / 22/03/2022 The perks and pitfalls of potential polyamory

“My partner (S) and I have been going out for three years, since coming to uni. We’ve always had a semi-open relationship, in that we’re both comfortable with the other getting off with someone at a party or club. In summer S asked me if we could properly open up our relationship so she could...

Vera Venue / 01/03/2022 The Lonely Road To New Friendships

“I just got out of a four year relationship. I was very committed to my partner, he was my best friend, but he kept cheating and catching feelings for other girls until I was no longer the girl he chose to be with anymore. It broke me the first couple of times this happened, and...

Vera Venue / 01/03/2022 Moving Back Home: The Journey Through Post-Uni Blues

“I recently finished university and have had to move back home due to finances. Since being at home, I have had multiple run-ins with my awful ex-boyfriend and I feel like none of my friends understand how damaging it is for my mental health. Is there any way that you can suggest I can get...

Vera Venue / 16/11/2021 Labels, love and loneliness: How to figure out who you are and what you want in a relationship

“I feel like I’m loveless. I’ve been very confused about my sexuality for a really long time (I have come to the conclusion that if I had to choose a label that fit best it would be biromantic asexual). I’m not sure a relationship is exactly what I want. I’m even less sure if sex...

Vera Venue

Vera Venue

Coping with Bereavement Anxiety

“My anxiety has been so bad recently. My auntie died a few months ago and it’s made me worry constantly, and I worry that my friends might suddenly die too. I know it’s irrational and dramatic but I can’t stop thinking it.” DOM, 22 Hello Dom! I’m so sorry for your loss. The death of…

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