Vera Venue / 05/10/2021 Fresher pressure: how to cope with shyness at uni

“What advice do you have for someone starting uni with a really shy personality? I’ve always been quiet but now I don’t want that to hold me back when I’m trying to make new friends and become a new person. I just get so worried that people will think the things I say are stupid...

Vera Venue / 05/10/2021 Learning to love yourself again

“My mental health is really struggling right now. I thought it would get better when I moved out for uni. My family don’t accept me for who I am or who I love and I thought being away from it all would be so much easier but in a way it’s almost like I’m missing...

Vera Venue / 30/09/2021 Brutal breakups and the process of healing

“I f*cked up two of my first major relationships. I tried to fix things as much as I could, but both gave me false hope (having a future, wanting to still fix things, building things from ground up etc), and then both have gotten into relationships very shortly after. I’m not sure what to do....

Vera Venue / 30/09/2021 Love triangles and that guilty feeling

“Recently, one of my friends told my best friend that she is in love with her, and it’s caused a big rift between the two of them because my best friend didn’t feel the same way. Even though neither of them were right or wrong in the situation, all of my other friends have ‘picked...

Vera Venue / 22/09/2020 Dear Vera Venue… How am I going to fit in?

I’m starting uea and I’m excited but I’m also really nervous my flatmates won’t like me. How am I going to fit in? Hi reader,  Firstly, congratulations on getting into UEA. This is such an exciting time for you, but it is totally normal to be nervous. When you go to university, you have to meet and...

Vera Venue

October 2021
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