Venue’s hot games of 2018

Monster Hunter World

If you love boss fights you’ll love the Monster Hunter franchise, as fighting huge monsters is, well, the name. The rest of the game is spent recovering from monster fights and preparing for new ones.

This game is revolutionising many tired staples of the series, and so will either be loved by fans or hated. It’ll still be my first game of the year, though.

Far Cry 5

By far Ubisoft’s most intelligent yet action-packed franchise makes it’s way to rural America – they don’t shy away from political references!

Alternating between a run-from-wildlife simulator and the best Arnie film, the Far Cry games have always been entertaining and addictive, and Far Cry 5 seems to be no exception.

A Way Out

Who says splitscreen is dead? Not A Way Out! A co-op only action adventure game, in A Way Out you play as two prisoners who must break out of jail – and stay out.

Where some games stick to tried and old formulas, this game takes really interesting and bold risks, and just for that reason must be checked out. Plus, it’s an indie game being published by EA, which is bizarre enough to be interesting.

Red Dead Redemption 2

It goes without saying that RDR2 is hotly anticipated, as the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time, made by the developers of nearly every critically and commercially acclaimed game.

This Western action/adventure game doesn’t promise to reinvent the wheel as much as let us enjoy how smooth and finely crafted the wheel is, and by now that’s all we need from Rockstar games.

Jurassic World Evolution

Did you love games like Zoo Tycoon but wish your guests were edible, and that your ‘animals’ were huge prehistoric beasts that could escape, rampage, and destory your park? If so, perhaps this is the game for you.

Jurassic World Evolution is a business simulator set in the world of the popular film franchise, and lets you build your own jurassic park. Just remember what the films taught you about how that always goes…

Days Gone

Zombie games aren’t exactly rare, but now and then one comes out that promises to be interesting or different. Days Gone is one of these.

The defining feature of Days Gone’s zombie action is “all the zombies!” – you are always overwhelmbed by the sheer quantity of enemies, and running away is usually a valid solution to most problems. This is a nice change from the usual gunplay of zombie games.


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