Venue’s hot shows of 2018

Doctor Who

“As much as the show’s excellent Christmas Special may have made some wistful for a few more episodes of the Moffat/Capaldi era, especially considering the 12th Doctor’s relatively short tenure, it actually illustrated why 2018 is the perfect time for Jodie Whittaker to take on the iconic role.

The difference in attitudes towards women between the 1st and 12th Doctors illustrates how much the character’s personality has changed since Hartnell’s time. What better way to represent the shift in the Doctor’s mindset than for the Doctor’s next regeneration to be a woman?

Whilst Whittaker’s powerful role in Broadchurch is often cited as the best display of her acting talents, the 2011 sci-fi comedy Attack the Block gave fans a look into the ingenuity and resourcefulness that Whittaker is capable of portraying, qualities that should make fans very excited for her first appearance later this year.” – Harry Routley


“Maybe it’s time for Luther to hang up his big lovely jacket. It seemed he had done just that when season three ended with him throwing his coat in to the River Thames, but alas, he had not. Instead we were treated to a fourth season which didn’t feel like classic Luther at all. We were reintroduced to a retired Luther who is lying low in a cottage on the coast in what was a weak and very forgettable two-parter, not utilising Idris Elba’s talent fully, and focusing on a plot that was rehashed from a previous episode.

Maybe this is why we need season five. Luther cannot end limping out of our mind. We need to remember the gifted, if at times morally ambiguous, and charismatic detective who we saw back in 2010. Because essentially what stops this being another run-of-the-mill detective show, as let’s be honest we see way too many of those, is Idris Elba. So come on Neil Cross (showrunner and writer), give this man some material that is worthy of him. He’s such a big movie star these days that this may well be the last time the BBC can afford him, so make it count!” – Dan Struthers

The X-Files

“Although the latest series of the X-Files revival have been going from weakness to weakness, it’s impossible to give up hope for what used to be a classic TV show.

Though stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are mere shadows of their former selves, and the stories are more akin to conspiracy theorist ramblings than the science fiction adventures they used to be, this once great show still has potential. Love for the characters and show is still strong – it just needs good writing to back that up.

The newest series premiered in America earlier this month, and the verdict is still out on it. There is no word of a UK premier.” – Tom Bedford


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