The vibrant city of Madrid

Imagine escaping your daily routine and spending one year in the sunny capital of Spain. This magical city made me fall in love with it, once and forever. Walking down the narrow colourful streets I was exploring new places every day. So, let me explain how exactly Madrid managed to win my heart.

Madrid is pure vitality. You would never call it a “ghost town.” Locals literally have an outdoor lifestyle. No matter if it is a week day or weekend, day or night; there is always something to be busy about. Art exhibitions, concerts, theatres, festivals, whatever you feel like. Even if you do not know the city, you can just go out and see where it takes you.

The second reason to visit Madrid is the food and wine. If you have never tried tapas before, pack your bags. It’s worth it! Cozy markets with freshly prepared cheap food, this is what makes life in Spain perfect. Right in the city centre, close to the famous Plaza Mayor, you can find Market of San Miguel.

Baronial building catches your attention on the outside already, and makes you love it even more when you enter. Mixed flavours attack you from every corner, so do not get lost. Just try a little bit of everything.

Sun and warmth take you out to the parks. There is definitely a wide choice of them in Madrid. The biggest and the most beautiful one is Retiro. One day is not enough to enjoy all its parts. So if you don’t have time to see all of it, make sure you go to the Crystal Palace, which is considered a piece of art. The sunlight goes right through it, so it shines with different colours. Spectacular view.

Another park that must be seen is called Templo de Debod. The Ancient Egyptian temple and panorama of the entire city have to be appreciated during the sunset.

Madrid is unique with its own rules and culture. It is different from everything I have ever seen before. Hiding a lot of history within itself, this city is modern and full of surprises.

So if you are curious about Spain’s capital, just grab a ticket, do not hesitate. Enjoy your trip and explore as much as you can. Buen viaje!


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