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Victory for Clive Lewis

Labour incumbent Clive Lewis retained Norwich South last night, with an increased majority.

In the early hours of this morning, as tellers were finalising their vote counts across the country, the results for the university constituency came in.

Mr Lewis, who was elected to represent Norwich South in the 2015 general election, was re-elected and more than doubled his majority to 15,000.

The ex-Shadow Cabinet member received a total 31,311 votes, 61 percent of the total share. In 2015 Mr Lewis received 19,033 votes, which was 39.3 percent share of the total vote. 

In second place was Conservative candidate Lana Hempsall, who received just short of 16,000 votes. Mrs Hempsall’s vote share was 30.6 percent, an increase on the 2015 Conservative candidate’s 23.5 percent share.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Lewis thanked “voters who have chosen to vote Labour because they understand the disaster that the Conservative government is likely to be.

“The figures clearly show us that many Liberal Democrat and Green party voters have played a crucial role in the Labour victory here tonight, and in many of the seats across the country. They’ve put country before party. I’m humbled by their honourable actions and will do my best to live up to that readiness to build bridges.”

In Norwich South, the Liberal Democrats and Green Party shared a combined 9 percent of the vote.

The turnout for Norwich South was 69.2 percent.

Despite success for the Labour party across the country, the Conservative Party received the most votes out of any minority, and are looking to form a coalition government with the Democratic Unionist Party.

The Conservative Party received 42.5 percent of the total vote share, whilst the Labour Party held 40 percent.

Concrete covered the results of the general election live throughout the night across social media, which can be read here.


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