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What’s all this vintage malarky?

Surrounded by avid fashion lovers at the Norwich Vintage Fair about to purchase a very 80s pair of dungarees, I asked myself the question “What does vintage mean to me?”

Surprisingly, I was stumped for an answer. This is not due to being fashion clueless; I was in fact faced with an overwhelming multitude of thoughts, but because the question cannot be simply answered. When asked many other people, they were speechless too. So after a lot of time, thought and countless questions here is what vintage means to UEA:

Vintage is a bargain you stumble across, a cherished item of clothing, a gem found amongst the rest. It’s a fashion hoarder refusing to throw anything away because, as they say, “styles come back around again, don’t you know!” It’s someone who attends every event they can find out about, and then spends hours soaking up the experience.

It is the way that fashion keeps being reused and recycled as well as updated and perfected, it is being daring, unique and original. Vintage is a what was once a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy and is now a favourite necklace. It is our mother’s satchel she wore as a teenager, a hat our grandma knitted in days gone by and our favourite button sewed onto a blazer.

When reflecting upon this I begin to think about what vintage means to me and how it is a part of my life. It is a summer fete spent sharing stories with my neighbours; a county show finding hidden pieces and discovering their stories; something unexpected won at a W.I. tombola; a village cricket match with a glass of Pimms; a summer fair buying jewellery from a woman with a fascinating story.

With its popularity and added “cool” factor, vintage is becoming a national phenomenon. Style and vintage fashion can be found in the most unexpected places. This way of dressing is about you, in a never-judged and free form.

Fashion is intended to boost confidence, make us look and a feel a million dollars. Most importantly, vintage  does not mean spending a fortune – students can look and feel great too! Be creative and be original, and have fun.

  • How do you do vintage? Comment below. 

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March 2021
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