Volcanologists create a ‘Top Trumps’ eruption

Volcanologists from the University of East Anglia, along with colleagues from Plymouth and Oxford Universities, have been working to create an eruption in the sales of card game ‘Top Trumps’ with the introduction of their new version, featuring volcanoes of the Earth.


Working on the Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas (STREVA) Project, the group came up with the idea of using the well known card game as a means to educate players about volcanoes.

Past eruptions and the distress that could be caused by events in the future are high up on the list of what the scientists wanted people to learn about; with an estimated 50 volcanoes erupting at any given time, it was felt more education was needed.

Scientists have collated a group of 30 volcanoes, both active and dormant, for the game. Players will battle it out over a range of categories including how explosive the volcanoes are, to their deadliness and unpredictability. Also included was their ‘Wow’ factor, as although the volcanologists were keen to educate on the serious threats volcanoes pose, the aim of STREVA is also to inspire.

Members of the project felt that the game would be perfect for the job of both educating and inspiring, and co-operation with ‘Top Trumps’ and globally-based volcanologists made the end product possible.

The cards featuring the work of the group of scientists are available now, priced at £4.99. Profits made from the venture are to be donated to volcanic education and aiding those affected by volcanic activity.


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