WandaVision Review: one of the best?

Disney’s ‘WandaVision’ does some incredibly innovative and unique things that kept me on the edge of my seat watching the show week by week. But, now that it’s all released, I feel that ultimately it falls into the same old MCU plotline that we’ve seen time and time again, rather than presenting a revolutionary television experience as promised.

What Marvel had achieved with ‘WandaVision’ in the earlier weeks was a show that bended the boundaries of time and space to give us a comment on PTSD, depression, and the changing nature of sitcom entertainment from the fifties to the present, while blending it wonderfully with superhero and magical elements. I was also impressed with how the writing managed to make us care about two of the least developed characters in the MCU – at the end of the series, both Wanda and Vision felt like real people rather than characterless merchandising tools as with their previous appearances.

However, the finale last week just gave us the typical Marvel structure; setup for future projects, a big (somewhat boring) battle with dark reflections of the heroes, new threads we’ll have to wait years to finally have payoff for, and so forth. It was a mildly disappointing end to such a wonderful show. That said, judging the ending isn’t exactly fair – Director Matt Shakman has commented on how COVID forced the crew to cut significant scenes from the final episode, but I don’t think these would have solved the narrative issues.

Frankly, as a Marvel fan, I do consider ‘WandaVision’ to be one of the best things to come from Marvel Studios. I love how it pushes the boundaries of television and the superhero genre, but I do feel that ultimately it conforms to that familiar Marvel plot, which I was hoping it would break away from.

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