Wealthier parents securing more school places

The Sutton Trust has recently revealed that wealthier parents are cheating the notorious school catchment area obstacle by completely moving house altogether.


Photo: Telegraph

Other tactics have included lying on application forms, claiming false religious beliefs and paying tutors to secure their child’s place.

It has been said that this palm greasing and bold use of tactics are down to a lack of quality state schools or grammar schools in the country.

A survey by Parent Power, commissioned by the education charity Sutton Trust, found at least a third of parents deliberately moved to an area with more successful state schools, while one in five did so for a specific school.

Even in the case of making false claims of religious observance, the number of upper-middle class parents admitting this falsehood was double that of poorer parents. Ten per cent of parents admitted to this, and one in twenty admitted to using a false address in the admissions process.

In combatting this strategic use of wealth, it has been suggested that drastic changes need to be made; including an expansion of lottery-style entrance rules to break the middle class stronghold on grasping for places.

Sir Peter Lampl, the education charity’s chairman, stated that in its current state, the catchment area system enabled parents with money to have a “significant advantage” in the fight for places.


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