In the last three months UEA has been developing new student-led social enterprise project, Enactus, which works to apply business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to supporting the wider community.


As a worldwide organisation, Enactus aims to equip students with the necessary tools to apply their existing skills outside of coursework and classroom activities. In the context of UEA, this has been achieved by outlining a project that intends to work alongside homelessness charities in order to develop a sustainable and profitable business enterprise. This has the potential to provide opportunities for the local homeless community to build confidence, develop existing skills and generate steady revenue.

In order to make this goal achievable, Enactus is divided into two key groups – commercial and social. No business can run on air, therefore the former group works to secure a cash flow for use within projects. Simultaneously, the social team corresponds directly with the charities and outside communities involved in the project, establishing a strong working relationship within the scheme whilst developing personal communication skills. Together the teams support one another financially and morally, whilst collaborating on ideas, in order to benefit the charity or organisation in question.


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