Welcome (back) to the Black Parade – MCR are back

Emo twitter is thriving. On 31st October, a fitting holiday for the band, My Chemical Romance announced an LA reunion show in December. Since this news, several more shows have been announced, mostly regarding Download Festivals in different countries. So far, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand have been lucky enough to have the iconic rock band booked to grace their stages.

The quartet, fronted by singer and comic writer Gerard Way, were initially together from 2001 – 2013. The December show marks their first show together in seven years, having last performed in 2012. Individually, the members have been busy in their time apart. In 2014, Way released his debut solo album Hesitant Alien, which leaned more towards the electronic/pop genre, and last year brought his comic ‘The Umbrella Academy’ to our screens via Netflix. Lead guitarist Frank Iero has taken part in a string of musical projects, most recently via his band Frank Iero and the Future Violents.

The fans are thrilled. My Chemical Romance’s YouTube page has seen an increase of 190% in their videos being played, and memes are spreading across the web. There hasn’t been confirmation about whether further shows will be played, but fans are hopeful for a world tour. As a die-hard MCR fan, I won’t hear anything against the band, so believe that this is nothing but a labour of love from the band. However, whenever a large or well-loved band reunites, debate always springs up about whether this is something the artist wanted to do, or something they are motivated to do for financial gain.

One group to be looked to is the pop girl-group Spice Girls, who came together for a 23 stop UK tour this year, minus Victoria Beckham. The tour faced a multitude of complaints about the sound quality at performances, which caused fans to leave part way through the gigs, and demand refunds for their arguably overpriced tickets. Whilst not the fault of the performers, it goes to show that reunion gigs need to be pretty much perfect to avoid negativity from those who will be undoubtedly looking to criticise.

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