Sex survey 2018

“I went with the injection and I haven’t looked back”

Like many women across the world, I am limited to progesterone-only contraception. This basically means I cannot take the regular contraceptive pill because my body wouldnít cope with the extra oestrogen. Luckily for gals like me there are a lot of other options. Unluckily a lot of these options suck. I tried a few different methods before settling on what I use now, which is the injection. I know a lot of people will squirm at that.

Why would I choose to get a shot in my butt every three months when there are other options available? Good question! When I first came to UEA and got contraception I tried three different progesterone-only, or ‘mini’, pills. These all gave me constant bleeding. Iím talking three month long, second day type cramps with heavy bleeding. Obviously, I was not prepared to continue with this. My other options are the implant (which freaks me out), IUD- also known as the coil or the injection. I went with the injection and after two years I’ve never looked back. I now don’t have monthly bleeding at all, I haven’t put on any weight and my skin hasn’t got any worse. For people in my position who get migraines or have any other reason they canít take the regular pill I would recommend the injection, itís really not as bad as you might think!


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