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What A Wonderful Winter World

Even before you open your eyes, you know it’s brighter than usual. That something has happened overnight. Something magical. Your eyes flutter open, darting towards your bedroom window, where a sliver of light peeks through. A small smile flashes onto your face as you sit up, noticing the cold, crisp air for the first time. Even through the smallest gap, you know. It’s bright white outside. 

It’s snowing. Standing up and pulling your duvet around you so you’re swallowed by it, you shuffle to the window, holding the cover with one hand, drawing the curtains back with the other. Your smile widens as you take in the sight before you.

Your whole garden is covered in a thick, bright layer of snow. You can barely make out the steps out of your conservatory, it’s that deep. It’s a winter wonderland, and snowflakes of all sizes are still falling, finding their place in the white abyss. The conifers outside your window look like they’re straight out of a Christmas tree farm with their sprinkling of snow, and you can’t help but feel excitement bubble up. It’s a week until Christmas, and the hope it’ll be a white one is ever-growing. You quickly pull a pair of your fluffiest socks on, wrap yourself in your dressing gown, and head along the corridor.

Sinking into the window seat in your living room, looking out onto the falling snow, you breathe in the scent of rich hot chocolate. The steaming mug in your hands heating you up and taking over your senses. The thick dollop of whipped cream and the smattering of marshmallows look straight out of a Christmas movie, but you don’t care if you look cheesy, you’re too content at this moment. You’re curled up tight, cushions surrounding you like a nest. You hear a click of a camera, and turn around, noticing your brother for the first time, capturing you in all your comfort. 

An hour later, you’re both wrapped up warm. You’re in your favourite knitted sweater and fleece-lined leggings. Three pairs of fluffy socks keeping your feet warm, and your new winter coat zipped all the way up. The pair of you cross the road, meeting up with your cousin and your friends, who live just down the street from you. Their cheeks are tinted pink with the cold, and you know yours will soon join them. As the five of you start walking, desperately trying to keep yourselves warm, you take in the freshness of the still almost-untouched snow. It’s still falling, and it’s already thick, but you’d never pass on a walk through the forest in this weather. Not with all the stunning sights to be seen. 

Soon enough, the five of you have become too cold just walking, and you find yourself in one of the surrounding fields, throwing snowballs at each other with absolutely no loyalty to anyone; it’s every man for themself. You’re dodging snowballs as best as you can, but just as you throw the perfect arm, seeing it hit your cousin smack bang in her shoulder, you see a flash of white before your face stings with cold. Your brother lets out a victorious whoop before you can regain your senses and you’re bolting after him, speeding to get your revenge. 

An hour later, the five of you are back in your living room, socks on the radiators, pants in the dryer, blankets wrapped around you. Your faces are all bright pink, and your hair is soaking wet, but you’re all wearing the same matching grins as you look out onto the winter wonderland in your backyard, and plan for tomorrow’s activities. 

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May 2022
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