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What are you most looking forward to with the next-gen consoles?

Like so many other Xbox fans, I was hoping there’d be an attempt at VR with the upcoming Series X console, particularly after the relative success of titles on the PS4 & Oculus platforms. However, since rumours of VR being introduced have subsided, attention turns to the power of the machines and the titles to be released.

Although my TV is high-spec, it’s now 10 years old so can’t compete with 4K televisions on resolution, so the promise of better graphics on future consoles means little to me, as the expense of upgrading both my TV & console is unthinkable as a student.

What really excites me about these next-gen consoles is what developers are doing with them. I haven’t played a game that has had me on the edge of my seat since the PS2’s Silent Hill, so seeing nightmarish titles like The Medium and how the developers believe this console has what it takes to deliver a truly immersive product, I’m excited. Alongside the latest in the usual squeals from Microsoft studios such as the new Halo and Forza Motorsport etc… but more on those another time.

There are two things I’m most excited for and I can’t choose between them. One is the increased interaction and overlap of different types of gameplay within one game, something we’ve seen in the likes of Breath of the Wild and Pathologic 2. I imagine the improved technology will – hopefully – improve these systems without creating too many bugs.

The second is the graphics. I’m not much of a graphics person, but having watched the Unreal Engine 5 tech-demo, I might just become one. Detailed and dynamic lighting systems, natural and fluid character animations and models, and a greater flexibility for developers make the top of the list.

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