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What Do You Feel For Me?

You ask me what I feel for you

After telling me you regret me

After telling me it hurts you to be around me to talk to me

After saying you knew it hurt me too

You keep coming back

Pretending to use plasters but actually sticking knives in each of the cracks

Like acetone on cuts you burn into me

They hadnt even healed before you changed your mind twice more

You think im crazy and i agree

But what am i to think if youre really not doing anything maliciously

I know i need to stay away but im somehow drawn to you

My fear of losing you has already made me forgive you

But i shouldnt be the one losing you

You should be losing me

Should have lost me

So what do i feel for you?

I’m standing somewhere between stockholm syndrome and love and i don’t know which is worse.


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Anna Curtis