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What have you been playing this week?


I played Uno for the first time last week! Growing up, people had always played it around me on trains and planes but I had never actually given it a go myself. I always thought it looked super confusing with all the different colours and numbers, but I was surprised at how fun and easy it was once you’d played a few games. Uno is quick-paced, snap-like, colourful, and entertaining! If you haven’t played it before, I highly recommend it. And if you have played it, here is my reminder to break back out the Uno and have a blast. 

Snooker ’19: Nintendo Switch

As the Vice-President of UEA’s Pool and Snooker Club over the last year, I was pretty excited to see our sport being brought to life in a video game as a AAA title rather than a basic app or online platform.

With lockdown, I haven’t been able to get to Snooker Club for months, so I thought this game would give me the opportunity to enjoy the sport I’m missing. However, as for many others, it falls short of my expectations. The controls are clunky and I often knock the aiming out of line when powering the shot and there seems to be little progression or opportunities to refine your skills as a player.

Accessibility I can imagine is also a real issue, if you’re a fan of snooker and understand the rules then it’s fine, but for players new to the sport there are no tutorials or guidance on the actual rules of the game.

Overall it’s perfectly okay given it’s the only game of its kind on the market, but it’s not great, and grossly overpriced.

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