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What I’m looking forward to seeing in theatres

After social distancing, and when the theatres open again, I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Six: The Musical’. I was originally meant to see this show on April 7, but luckily, it has been postponed, rather than cancelled. ‘Six’ tells the well-known, bloody, church-reforming tale of the six wives of Henry the Eighth, from their perspective, and gives the classic mnemonic of ‘divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived,’ a new spin. The Queens, in killer costumes and with heads intact, all battle it out in song to see who had the worst time, and therefore, who should be the leading lady.

At first, I was cautious; the show seemed to be aimed at people five or six years younger than me, and it sounded a bit over-the-top. Nevertheless, the reviews have been great, and my friends who have seen it raved about it. I love History, particularly the Tudor period, so I’m optimistic that I’m going to love this one. The show is witty, with more of a concert feel than a serious piece of theatre, I believe that its over-the-top nature will add to the appeal. Nevertheless, ‘Six’ has a message for its audience: these women were all unique individuals, with more to their stories than just their husband and unfortunate fates. They are more than just ‘six wives.’So, when social distancing comes to an end, I’ll be looking forward to seeing ‘Six: The Musical’, and ready to have a fun night filled with sass, wit, and wonderful songs.


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