What makes a successful make-up collaboration?

Make-up collaborations can be hit or miss. Whilst they can certainly be appealing when they involve two things you love coming together, are they always really worth the price tag? 

Let us take, for example, a look at the recent collaboration between Colourpop and Nintendo’s Animal Crossing. The collaborative element involves having the characters in the game represented by various products and shades, especially in the eyeshadow palettes in the range. Though the eye-shadows are slightly disappointing, and the two blushers released are nothing special, I’d argue the lip tints are the most special part of the collection. Each tint is scented to match the iconic fruit from the game we all got so addicted to over lockdown. 

The collection is sure to be appreciated by Animal Crossing lovers, and the attention to detail on the packaging is brilliant. So if you are willing to pay for packaging, then this collection is for you! If, however, you want the best of both worlds, with cosmetics that are worth your money, Colourpop’s other products are just as good.

A great example of a really successful make-up collaboration is the Revolution x Roxi range. Just a few days ago, their third collab with Roxi was announced, and I was really pleasantly surprised at the quality, variety, and price points of the collection. 

Collaboration products often come with significantly higher price tags just because the brand has paired with a big name, and ultimately, you have to decide whether it is worth the extra money, more often than not, simply because of the fancier packaging. 

For me, a successful make-up collaboration is one that is affordable, wearable, and pays attention to detail to the collaborative aspect. I think to be special, it has to offer something that would not be available in the other ranges the brand already provides. You don’t just want to be paying for the name, but for a unique product too. 

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