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What to watch out for in 2020

Martha Griffiths

As we come to the end of 2019, we’re taking a look at what new releases should be ones to watch out for. I am impatient to see how The Last of Us 2 matches up to its predecessor, trailers would have us believe its going to be a heart breaking, tense and revenge filled ride which will probably end with me in the foetal position, crying.


Bryan Theo Mfhaladi

As a Dragonball Z fan, after watching the trailer of Kakarot’, which is set to come out in January 2020, I got chills seeing the way the game is becoming more realistic, with every chapter made to feel more like the episodes of the anime and with the classic narrator being included as well. After the previous Dragonball game, the bar has certainly been set high and Kakarot looks to take the bar even higher. 


Jude Davies

Deadly Premonition, the 2010 Twin Peaks-esque cult mystery, ended with Detective Francis York Morgan making reference to ‘a string of bizarre incidents near New Orleans’. Next year, it seems like that case may finally come to fruition in a sequel nobody could have expected. The same quirky director returns with a decade of experience under his belt since, in what is bound to be twice as hilariously unpredictable as last time.


James Ward

I’m most looking forward to the release of Cyberpunk 2020. After showing what they can do with the Witcher Series, I’m hoping CD Projekt Red can hit the same standard with an intriguing sci-fi world and characters that stays true to the original tabletop game whilst remaining innovative, immersive, and fun. The Witcher 3 is one of my favourite RPGs, and from pre-release footage, I’m desperately hoping Cyberpunk will be too. 


Marco Rizzo

Half life is Back! And like its predecessors, Alyx is ready to innovate and set new standards for the industry. The trailer showed some great graphics and interesting physics mechanics as well as a much darker atmosphere from the main series. The series has a history of incredible single-player campaigns and this time the horror elements in VR will for sure make for an immersive, if truly terrifying experience.

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