What to wear on Christmas Day

Christmas day is fast approaching. It’s one of the few days of the year where it is appropriate to don the pyjamas and stay in your dressing gown all day while your nearest and dearest fetch you mince pies or chocolate.

However, for a slightly more decent look the simple jeans and a hoody can be your answer. Optimum comfort and the allowance for gravy spillage and compensation for over-eating, this outfit is the go-to for the small family Christmas. And if cold, afternoon walks are the tradition this outfit is perfect, don the uggs, ear muffs, and the woolly socks and you’re set for a country walk. This may not be the most glamorous but perhaps making the effort with some cute Christmas themed nails will ensure you pull it off.

The other alternative to this comfy Christmas outfit is the novelty jumper; easy Christmas appeal and available from almost anywhere this time of year. Also great for those family photographs that will be unearthed 20 years from now. Just don’t go matching with the rest of your family; I’m sure your future kids won’t want to suffer that much embarrassment.

On the other hand, if you are, like me, expecting hoards of uncles, aunts and cousins to your house, a more glamorous approach than your gravy spilled hoody might be necessary. This is the time of year where embellishment, sequins and sparkles are allowed to co-exist in one over the top, but perfect for Christmas day, dress. This is the season to have baubles hanging from your ears, so if you’re going Christmassy – don’t be afraid to fully embrace the sparkle.

Unearthing those 6 inch heels, however, may not be such a practical choice if you’re helping out around the house. Chasing after hyperactive cousins or serving the potatoes; neither looks good tottering around in platforms. Why not shove on some slippers with that party dress? Once you’re sitting at the table no will notice! Slip on some basic black flats if it’s your job to open the door though.

It’s a whole other ball game if you’re heading out to a fancy restaurant for lunch. It’s perfectly ok to treat this outing as much, much more than a family meal. It’s a fashion parade. The likelihood is the restaurant has a dress code; no jeans. So that means glam it up. Red lipstick, heels (you’re being served, wear the 6 inches!) and that sparkly Topshop dress. Tis the season to be jolly and embracing Christmas glamour is a sure-fire way to spread the joy.

A few things to remember regardless of your Christmas Day attire; hair must be neutral, you are going to be wearing a paper hat whether you like it or not; and finally, don’t wear anything too tight. It’s Christmas day, a day for, if nothing else, eating until you just can’t move.


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