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What we’re playing in isolation

Hello everyone, hope you’re all keeping safe in these weird times. As you can see, Concrete and Venue have gone completely online for this year’s remaining issues so thank you for taking the time to keep on writing for and reading us! A lot of us have suddenly found ourselves with an increased amount of spare time and if you’re like me, you may be struggling to keep yourself occupied. With that in mind, let’s have a look at what our wonderful gamers have been playing whilst avoiding summatives:

If you want a murder mystery with existential discussion, union strikes and a groovy talking tie look no further than ‘Disco Elysium’. You play as an amnesiac detective in a district still recovering from a long-ago war, who must solve a murder whilst treading a careful line between different factions just waiting for an excuse to fight. I was absorbed into a fantastically built world with some amazing writing and just the right amount of comedy versus serious moments. It is heavily influenced by old RPG games such as ‘Planescape: Torment’ whilst also giving new life to the style, the watercolour art and grunge music have made this one of my favourite games and a refreshing change to the outside world.

Martha Griffiths

It was a stroke of luck that my partner bought an Xbox just days before isolation was announced. The first game that I’ve turned to is ‘Skyrim’. Having played it for hours during my time at sixth form, I knew that I wanted to revisit it once my degree was done, and isolation is the perfect time to absorb yourself in such a time-consuming game. I really enjoy the freedom of ‘Skyrim’ – how you can pursue different quests as and when suits you, and how you are encouraged to explore the terrain to discover new things. It’s really nice to be able to get completely lost in a world during this time. Playing ‘Skyrim’ has also reignited my passion for fantasy novels, which I’ve been reading plenty of whilst on lockdown, bringing me a second dose of joy. 

Ellie Robson

It’s official, I’ve regressed straight back to my high school days and completely lost myself to ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ – the 2019 reboot of the franchise. I remember trying out the beta for this last September and being blown away by how different it felt. The last CoD I properly enjoyed was Black Ops; since then, it seemed like it took a more arcade-y and futuristic approach, which was a big turn off for me. But now, it’s back. With a harrowingly real story, and amazing tactical multiplayer, ‘Modern Warfare’ is a solid entry to the first-person shooter genre.

James Penny

Like many of you, I’ve been struggling with ways to fill my time in a fulfilling, fun way in isolation. I’ve found ‘The Sims’ to fill this role perfectly, and I’ve especially enjoyed building houses and community lots. On my daily walks, I often spot out the different types of houses I would like to recreate. It makes for a perfect distraction and motivates me to get up and go get some exercise. I mean, if you can’t go to your favourite pubs, restaurants, or shops in real life, why not make them virtually?

Morgan Burdick

During the lockdown, I too have discovered that one way to replace the activities I would usually be doing is to do them on ‘The Sims 4’! How could I resist when they’ve reduced the price of all of the expansion packs? My Sim has been very productive, going to University, having movie nights with family and becoming famous. I suppose the famous part isn’t at all accurate to my real life, but it’s way more fun than making my Sim watch TikTok all day!

Elle Rose Guyan

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