The lion population in Africa could decline by a half within 20 years.

A case of anthrax has been confirmed in a cow on a farm in Wiltshire.

Russian researchers discovered frozen lion cubs from the Ice Age in Siberia.

Scientists have been stunned by the discovery of oxygen on the Rosetta comet.

A piece of space junk set to enter Earth’s atmosphere on Friday 13th November. It is heading for the Indian Ocean, 62 miles off the coast of Sri Lanka.

Pig-snouted turtle from dinosaur era have been discovered in Utah.

There has been a new breakthrough in lithium-oxygen battery technology for transport.

The herpes virus has been used to fight cancer cells.

Scott Kelly, a Nasa astronaut, is set to break the record for the longest space flight.

Cod stocks will never recover from over-fishing because of to warming oceans.

A molecule found in bananas has been found to fight HIV and hepatitis C.

Biologists have discovery that electric eels curl up to double shock strength.

The UN has said that current climate change mitigation plans will be insufficient to prevent dangerous warming.

Using Minecraft, researchers at the University of Hull aim to teach biochemistry to children

Russia has tested the first all-female space crew for potential a moon mission.

China is to start work on a new supercollider by 2020.