According to new study, there is a tiny sea snail “swims like a bee”

Scientists say neanderthals and modern humans were interbreeding much earlier than was previously thought

There has been significant advance for regenerative medicine as custom-made, living body parts have been 3D-printed

Biologists have described new species of extinct plant, based on fossiised flowers trapped in chunks of amber for more than 15 million years

Scientists have discovered eight new species of spider with whiplike legs

Tens of thousands of blacktip sharks are gathering around Florida’s coast, just a stone’s throw away

January smashed another global temperature record as it became the warmest January by a considerable margin

Global food production needs a “significant” boost of phosphorus-based fertiliser to meet future demands for food

Research suggests iron meteorites are buried in Antarctica, just under the ice

Birth of a two legged lamb in Turkey shocks country