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When This is Over

Son, when all this is over

you will remember there’s an entire world out there

that you have never explored,

so you will run around and meet other kids

and play tag and fill your lives with laughter,

and this house will be a home once more

instead of prison walls or some fortified tower

keeping us safe from unseen enemies.

And me,

I will knock our neighbour’s doors and stand 2 metres too close

when I hug and thank them for their songs,

I will meet strangers when I roam the healing streets

no masks will hide my smile and I won’t inch away or recoil

as if everyone is silently scheming

to steal our breaths away.

And us, we could be whole again

although I won’t be as young, nor you a boy

but we will go to the beach and I will watch you swim,

you will build a sandcastle that no storm can destroy

because you were born inside a hurricane

yet still you stand today.

So yes, when all this is over

we will walk together beneath the oak trees

and we will remember the taste of autumn leaves

falling on our hair,

and we will never again take for granted

the blessing of being human.

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Erica Thajeb

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September 2021
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