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When we reflect

When we reflect

I see you but I can’t see me

in you.

I see those things that others see

as me

Height colour eyes face

All those things I can’t replace

But that still



And then I bully them.

I prod poke push

Beat bind brush

Until some semblance of you is how I think me should be seen.

And when done

when we reflect

still I bully you.

Name call tut glare hate

About something so ridiculous as weight

And waist and thighs and shoulders and teeth

Compare Contrast Can’t compete

And I can’t stop looking

at you


to start



Need to see what of me is in you

Brain and heart

That work overtime

Would wrap themselves around the world

To be kind.

When we reflect

I need to bring you and me


And reflect

On us

As one.


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Martha Griffiths