This issue is about searching for truth. A truth, the truth, whatever you choose. Concrete is tackling a lot of vital conversations and it’s only January.

But when billion pound companies use deceptive yet legal means to survive and pro-life protesters preach their own truth – we have to interrogate it. We have to know what we think.

Concrete takes a look at construction company Carillion in both Finance on page 14 and Comment on page 16. Following persistent profit warnings, Carillion’s government contracts did not falter.

Despite being unable to fulfil their obligations, the payments didn’t stop. In this instance, there was a clear truth and it told the government to stop. But they didn’t and it seems it didn’t matter to them because the only losers were investors.

Features considers another global debate on page 11: women’s reproductive rights and whether we should have autonomy over our bodies. Where the conversation should be closed, as the answer is obviously a resounding yes, protesters from 40 Days For Life believe otherwise, and plan to confront women outside of the Norwich British Pregnancy Advisory Service. The protest is organised on Valentine’s day of all days. They plan to shout their truth at vulnerable women. What a way to spend the day of love.

Obviously, check out News on pages 1 – 6 for some truth too. Particularly, our front page story ‘Controversial Israeli policy renewed’ by Editor in Chief Emily Hawkins on an emotional and difficult conflict.

So to everything, I ask, where’s the lie? More than ever, we have to work harder to find it. Carillion hid it, pro-life manipulate it but you can demand it and read it in Concrete.