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White oppression’s pandemic

Lockdown is a hassle for white, republican moms. 

It’s a brunch time, lunch-in time, crunch time interruption, 

deserving of a protest in Trader Joe’s

 as mimosas and defiance and declarations of freedom flow and flow 

past unused riot shields and PPE bikinis and forcefield clad M*GA hats 

that prevent the armoured blows of batons on backs from packs of paid killers, 

repeat offenders, life enders, boy in blue aiming true

 for headshots with rubber bullets, knees on necks

as breaths stretch 

past all human limits.

The white US sits back and takes in the scene. 

Black lives are lost in blood in the streets. 

This racism lives in the state, systemic.

This is not just the cops. 

White oppression’s pandemic.

A note from the author

I wrote some poetry based on recent images that cannot be ignored. To Support Black Lives Matter, Click here. 

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