Who needs to drop this year? Lorde.

It feels like an eternity since Lorde dropped her second studio album, Melodrama, in 2017. A lot has happened since then, of course, but it has been radio silence from Lorde with regards to any upcoming music, and I needed a new album, like, yesterday.

Lorde likes to take her time with her work, releasing Melodrama four years after her first album, Pure Heroine, but all this does is prolong the pain. We know she is working on new music behind the scenes, but no concrete information has been published. It’s now four years since Melodrama, so is this the year she breaks her silence and surprises us?

Luckily for us Lorde fans, Melodrama was exquisite. I would go as far to say it is one of my favourite albums of all time, if not my absolute favourite, so continuing to listen to it on a loop will happily do for now. Lorde’s music perfectly fits any mood I am in, whether I am happy and in need of some upbeat tunes, or sad and wallowing in my feelings. No matter what, it works.

With all this said, however, I am glad Lorde isn’t churning out music just to meet the demand. I would much rather the final product be utter perfection than an unpolished, rushed album. As painful as it is, I am happy to wait as long as it takes.

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