Who’s a good boy?

To celebrate the Year of the Dog beginning this month, here are a few of the best pups in gaming!

D-Dog: Metal Gear Solid 5

Not only is D-Dog both adorable AND capable of being a destructive force on the battlefield, you get to see him grow up from a puppy.

Chop: Grand Theft Auto 5

Chop is fiercely loyal and, while normally friendly, will protect you from just about any NPC who picks a fight.

Lesser Dog: Undertale

Very few games let you pet dogs. In Undertale, you can keep petting this one over and over, and he gets so excited his head leaves the screen entirely

Mira: Silent Hill 2

Mira only appears in joke endings, but is still an outstanding part of the Silent Hill series. She’s revealed as the mastermind of 2’s horrors in the “dog ending”.

Umbra: Final Fantasy XV

Umbra sticks around for over two decades to lend Prince Noctis a pawhe’s even able to time travel the party back to the past and is technically a god

Dogmeat: Fallout 3

Unlike your bipedal companions, he won’t leave you if someone else joins you- he’s loyal to the end.



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