Why customer service counts

Shops at Christmas are always packed, and the staff do always seem to be run off their feet, but it is the most friendly of staff that can really make your day.

Especially at Christmas, good customer service can not only leave with a smile on your face but also a smile on the person you are giving a present to, which is why some shops go out of their way to make sure their customer service is of the highest standard they can. Despite this, some shops continue to fall on the scale, offering worse and worse customer service to their customers, but surely this makes a massive difference to where we choose to shop?

Poor service can actually leave you appalled when you leave a store, but does it necessarily mean you won’t go back there? Although two members of staff chatting to each other, rather than paying attention to serving whoever is in front of them, can be one of the most annoying and rude things a shop assistant can do, is it really going to put you off a store you frequently visit? It is the products we visit shops for, and, depending on the store, more often than not customers go back because they like the products they buy, not necessarily because the staff who serves them are exceptionally helpful.

At Christmas, stores will go into overdrive with their customer service, putting on as many staff as they can afford so the customer has a good experience, so clearly they believe that it can make a difference.

With the increased popularity of online shopping, customer service and advice remains one of the few things the high street can offer which a laptop cannot, but in truth a lot of people are continuing to choose the convenience provided by the internet rather than the high street.

Good customer service is invaluable. A mistake often made by stores is confusing good customer service with pressuring customers to spend more than they want, but amazing customer service makes you feel like you have been treated well, not like you have been conned out of your money.

Even at Christmas, when staff have to deal with everyone from the angry customer to the shopper who has no idea what they want, good customer service can make that person feel appreciated, and it will always be necessary if they want to keep their customers.


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