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Wild Fields 2020: Highlights from Sunday 13th of September

Full of jazz, funk, and fun, the second day of the Wild Fields festival got attendees singing, smiling, dancing and up on their feet.

The main stage was full of energetic and beautiful performances including, Gali performing some earthy melodies with lots of beautiful harmonising, Maya Law’s performance that was full of powerful lyrics and relaxing music, Nebula Sun’s performance which had the crowd up and dancing with their jazzy music, Jordan Mackampa’s performance that was full of rich vocals, and Joe Armon-Jones who also got the audience up and dancing when he played keyboard with his band.

All the acts were fantastic, but my standout performers have to be Alysha, Kitty Perrin, Olivia Dean, and KOKOROKO. 

Alysha Ramos, known as ‘Alysha’ kicked off the second day as the first act on the main stage. The British singer/songwriter of Indian and Cuban descent has an EP out on Spotify called Midnight Rendezvous. Alysha delighted the audience with a great set of songs, including perhaps her most well known single, “David Attenborough.” Alysha was a great first act, and I particularly enjoyed listening to her smooth jazzy sound. A particular highlight was when she sang her song “Dreams” which was in a movie nominated for an award at the Venice Film Festival. She finished her set with a preview of a new song. 

Kitty Perrin, Photo: Roo Pitt

UEA’s Kitty Perrin was next to grace the main stage, and as soon as she stepped on, she lit the stage alight with energy. Performing with her band, they played lots of original and cleverly written songs. Kitty had a fabulous stage presence, and she sang with a smile on her face at all times. Considering her band hadn’t played together in six months, they well and truly smashed their performance. Kitty was undoubtedly one to watch, and I can’t wait to hear more from her. 

Olivia Dean, Photo: Roo Pitt

Olivia Dean was another standout performer. Earlier in the day, she performed in her vibrantly coloured van which she uses from her ‘From me to you’ tour. Olivia is a singer and songwriter from East London and has recently put a music video out called “The Hardest Part.” Then, later in the day, she performed a fantastic set on the main stage. She had complete control of the stage and her voice. Olivia’s singing was effortless, and she had some fantastic original songs. One of her original songs “Password Change” was written during the World Cup a few years ago, with an incredibly catchy chorus that got the audience dancing and singing along with it. Olivia also performed a cover of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” which was a really beautiful addition to the set and further proved her vocal talents. 

KOKOROKO, Photo: Roo Pitt

The last performance of the night was KOKOROKO. Everywhere I looked, people were dancing like crazy to KOKOROKO’s music. It was such a fantastic experience to see the audience so in love with the tunes and so connected to the music. KOKOROKO, which means “be strong” in Orobo, are a jazz band from London. They are made up from a seismic horn section, guitar, keys, drums, percussion and vocals. My favourite parts about the set were how energetic their stage presence was. The blend of instruments and music was incredible and was such a special performance to end the night with.

The performances on the second stage were also fantastic and acted as a really good balance in contrast with the acts on the main stage. The schedule was timed so that between the main stage acts, there were performances on the second stage. These performances included an instrumental saxophone set from Charlotte Ware, a smooth guitar performance by Olly Davies, a relaxing set from Freya Roy, chill electronic tunes from Malana, and a great set from Sam Eagle. 

There was such a great variety of performances between the main and second stages, and the audience absolutely loved the blend of music. The atmosphere at Wild Fields was incredible, and the socially distanced elements were exceptionally well managed and took nothing away from the energy and excitement of the festival. I loved every second and would recommend to readers to check out Wild Fields for more events and to also check out each of the fantastic performers. 


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