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Winter beauty

1. Hydrate

This maybe the single most obvious step there is, but winter dries us out like those dates your grandparents insist on serving. Invest in some thick moisturiser, never skip your skin routine and make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

2. Health

Coughs and sniffles are never in style, so make sure you keep up those vitamins through a healthy portion of fruit and vegetables. As we approach Christmas it can get more and more tempting to reach into that tin of chocolate, but try and keep your immune system in good condition.

3. Wrap yourself

Invest in a staple winter coat, no matter if it is a puffer coat or camel duffel coat. A decent coat is the one item you’ll always reach for over this cold period.

4. Sun protection

Even though it may be grey, bleak, and dreary, don’t skip the SPF this season. UV rays that damage your skin are present all year round,

5. Photo 

You don’t need to wear those killer heels at the party, the key is in the name. Get that amazing photo at home in them, and then party all night in some comfortable flats. You could even get away with trainers.

6. Lipstick

Red lips for the party aren’t your only option, although it’s a universal classic colour for Christmas. It’s never too late to start experimenting with colour.

7. Sock styles

Pulling your socks slightly above the hem of your boots is a super cute look this season. Maybe match the colour of your socks to some colour in your outfit.

8. Proper boots

The ground can get nasty and icy or soggy and wet in the colder months, so make sure you wear sensible shoes that stop you slipping and keep your feet nice and dry!

9. Not too early

It is totally okay being excited for Christmas in November, but possibly do restrain from wearing a Christmas jumper everyday until December.

10. Dazzle

‘Dazzle’ is the phrase Vogue have used for winter 2017,  so don’t be afraid to break out the sequins and glitter!

11. No dry skin

In winter, wash with lukewarm water, even if you’re craving the warmth in this weather. If the water is too hot, it strips the oils away from the skin, which will only dry out your skin.

12. Christmas PJs

Primark has so many cheap and adorable Christmas pjs already this year and they are only going to get better. Snuggle up to Christmas music with the latest magazine you love in your new pjs and feel like a Christmas queen!


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