Women’s basketball ‘refreshingly on-target’

UEA Women’s Basketball scored an easy half-point for the Derby Day cause, finishing with almost double the points of Essex.

Faced with a pretty tough crowd of Essex supporters chanting their alternative version of “Oh UEA is wonderful”, UEA got off to a solid start, finishing the first quarter with 22 points to Essex’s 14.

The second quarter began very promisingly, with an early three pointer from Corsetti, and they didn’t fail to delight. There were some good attempted runs from Essex, but they were not always cleanly executed. Despite the crowd’s attempts to put UEA shooters off, with airhorns and untimely chants, UEA were refreshingly on-target.

The second half saw a rather rough and feisty match, with both teams clearly desperate for a win. The crowd became even more distracting with members of the Essex obtaining a megaphone and shouting personal digs at individual players.

Despite a late injury, with a UEA player having to be taken off in the dying minutes, the final score was an impressive 83 – 43 to UEA. Amongst the celebrations, Concrete caught up with best scorer of the match, Hana Sztepanov.

She said of the game: “I think it went very well, both of the team played very well. I couldn’t be more proud of my team. This is my second year and second win.”

When asked about the impact of the rowdy crowd on the team’s gameplay, she replied: “We’ve played basketball since forever, so we’re used to this. You just have to zone it out.”

A fantastic win for the girls, and a true credit to their sportsmanship for not allowing the crowd to affect their game.


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August 2022
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