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The world-wide web is not short of travellers blogging about their adventures around the big wide world. For every seasoned backpacker there is a travel blog, and for every travel blog there is someone cooped up in their small bedroom, planning their own great escape. From advice for lone female backpackers, to an adventure of travelling in “unsafe” Yemen, the internet, thank goodness, has it all. When travel seems like a long distance pipe-dream, and you fear that the only explorer you’ll ever be is one of the internet, travel blogs become a sanctuary as they document their ideal lifestyle and how to achieve it. Hours upon hours can be spent (note: not wasted) ploughing through these blogs, leaving you, if not more hopeful, then at least well-informed.

The Peterhof Palace, St Petersburg Photo: Wikimedia, Victor Grigas
The Peterhof Palace, St Petersburg
Photo: Wikimedia, Victor Grigas
Earl is a self proclaimed nomad. At the top of his website, a counter documents how many countries he has visited and how long he has been nomadic for (a respectful 88 countries in 5238 days as of 20th June 2014) .The sheer scale of where Earls’ nomadic lifestyle has taken him makes for some intriguing reading, even from his “about me” section, where he describes how he went for a “three month backpacking trip round south east Asia in 1999 and never came back”. A particularly interesting read is his blog entries that document his trip to Yemen. Earl is possibly the only person I have heard of that can sincerely start an anecdote with “That one time I learnt how to get high in Yemen” (which you can read here).
This is more of a visual blog, with travels being documented through exceptionally powerful photography. The website takes its readers step by step through its travels with its photographs. The blog also contains some incredibly well-informed written pieces about travel photography and camera know-how: detailing the best camera to use when and where. Of particular interest is its gallery on Russia, whose photos seems to poignantly reflect both Russia’s architectural integrity and its grainy political past (and present).
Eat Your World conflates the two beautiful and wild hobbies of travel and food. The blog tracks what to eat and where. From the market stalls of Bangkok to the restaurants of Montreal, the blog advocates travelling with your taste-buds. One particularly good article on the best types of taco to be had in Mexico can be read about here.

Whilst for many travel is just a dream, these blogs have the power to keep that dream on the horizon, and remind many a poor, pipe-dreaming student of the world that awaits them after university.


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