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The worst trends of 2017

In the last issue, we highlighted some of the best trends of 2017, but not everything was practical and inspiring. From clear plastic “jeans” to super long sleeves, there are some trends that should probably stay in 2017.

Clear trousers

Topshop sold denim mom jeans with clear plastic panels at the knees. If that wasn’t weird enough, they then released entirely clear plastic ‘jeans’. They’re completely impractical as the plastic just fogs up due to heat and sweat. Not only that, but they make the most horrific noise which will only turn more heads. Maybe not the reinvention of denim we were looking for.

Clear shoes

How can anyone walk around in such a suffocating and stiff material with any comfort? Clear boots become popular as they were worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian, and although she did manage to pull them off, this is probably one best left to the experts.

Balenciaga’s IKEA inspired tote bag

At $2,145 a bag, this was a particularly expesnive trend. Or you could simply go to IKEA and get the original for 50p, seems like a no brainer really.


Rather hard to walk in and not the most flattering shoe, the mule took over in 2017, with many styles being stocked in practically every store. Hopefully 2018 will have more comfortable and attractive shoe trends.

Leggings with mesh detailing

They look great on the model online but provide no support when it comes to actually working out.

Nice t-shirts or jumpers with random slogans on the front

There’s nothing worse that going through the T-shirt rack, find a cute top, only to pull it out and find it says something like ‘Mean people suck’… (yes, that is an actual T-Shirt you can purchase from Forever 21).

Unicorn/mermaid everything

Maybe not the worst trend, but it has definitely reached the end of its life span. From nails, hair, bags and shoes, anywhere you looked in 2017there would be something holographic or iridescent on sale.

Transparent bags

They look cool and would be ideal if everything in my bag was just as aesthetically pleasing.

Fur slides

Possibly the most hideous shoe gained popularity thanks to Gucci in 2017. Definitely one we will be leaving behind.

Super long sleeves

They don’t look bad, but when it comes to washing your hands or cleaning dishes it’s impossible to avoid them getting damp.


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