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Yellow and Blue: Derby Day 2022.

After a two-year wait, we managed to bring back Derby Day, and our UEA clubs did not disappoint. We totalled up a mega 18.5 points to Essex’s 10.5 to take home the Champions Trophy (which is nearly the same size as me) for the 8th year in a row! We had some big wins throughout the day from our teams, and it was amazing to feel the atmosphere of Derby Day again, and support all our clubs who were competing. 

A huge thank you goes to all the people who have worked so incredibly hard behind the scenes to make Derby Day happen again, it’s a mammoth task to organise and both Liv, the officer from Essex, and I are grateful for all the support across both unis.

Lizzie Payne


UEA 1s 97-64 Essex

An exciting matchup that unfortunately led to the loss being given to UEA. The game got off to a poorer start than usual for UEA, Essex got the early lead and carried it through the game.  A strong bench squad saw every member of the squad get a healthy number of minutes. Although it was a loss on the day, it was a bright spot for newly brought up Ryan Shoniwa from the second team, he showed great defensive prowess and passion.

American football 

UEA Pirates 22-0 Essex

The uea pirates went away to Essex with one thing in mind: bringing home the win. And that they did, with rushing touchdowns from Tom Kinna and Aaron White. To add to that, they also secured their first passing touchdown of the year, being brought in by physio student Tom Hoy. Brilliant coverage from Jamie Coggins and Tom Poole allowed other defensive backs Devan Flint and Bradley Crisp to get interceptions. To add to this, GB athlete Oli Howes also got an interception from defensive tackle, an impressive feat. Tackles for loss from Aaron White and the defensive line also added to the pressure to Essex, helping secure the win 22-0.  All could be topped off by a 70 yard field goal by Luke Bird.

This game brought an end to many all time pirate greats careers, such as David Ware, Aaron White and today’s starting quarterback Tom Kinna.


Men’s UEA 18-1 Essex

Women’s UEA 10-2 Essex

An incredible day for UEA Water Polo with both the men’s and women’s teams bringing home medals for the first time in a few years. A slightly easier win for the boys finishing 18-1 with our top scorer being Ed Li shooting 7 of those. The women also won comfortably 10-2, a huge shoutout to our goalie LeRoya who saved some incredible shots. Every single player, both men and women, were focused on their game and listening to their team mates. 

Taking on feedback in between game quarters and improving for the next made us even better and resulted in a double win for water polo. With the women’s team not playing for the past few years at Derby Day and the men losing their previous game, this proved how much we’ve grown as a team and a club. The support from swimming as well as Essex being great sports really made the day wonderful. I’m beyond proud of everyone, it was incredible. 

Let’s make it nine years now right?


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Image: Oscar Ress

UEA 131-53 Essex

A strong squad of 20 swimmers headed over to Garrison VC pool to face Essex.

The events started with the 50m butterfly as Simon Newton and Ruby Coyle took the wins for both the mens and ladies, respectively. The 50m backstroke was another clean sweep with Timon Chapman and Sofia Breeze taking the Ws. Time for the 50m breaststroke and another double win thanks to Lewis Chapman and Maia Shouksmith. 50m freestyle and you guessed it clean sweep for UEA with Simon and Summer taking the wins. After a short break we were ready to dive straight into the 100m events. 100m butterfly Charlie Barrett and Summer Kennedy taking the wins for UEA. In the 100m backstroke Timon and Chelsea secured the wins. 100m breaststroke Lewis and Chelsea both won golds. In the 100m freestyle Oliver Kimber stepped up to take the win and Summer Kennedy followed up with a win for the ladies. 100m IM Simon and Summer blast through the water to complete a clean sweep of golds in the individual events.

Onto the relays, the men’s freestyle of Lewis, Ewan, Oliver and Simon took the win followed by the ladies of Celeste, Kioni, Ruby and Summer took the win also beating the Essex men’s team! Medley relay time, and a few changes in personnel but the same result with both teams winning thanks to Timon, Lewis, Charlie and Simon for the men and Sofia, Chelsea, Ruby and Summer for the women.

Final score, with UEA winning every single event, 131-53 for Essex


UEA 133 -93 Essex

Athletics at Derby Day was won by Essex University by a margin of 113 points to 93 points.

Despite this all the distance events won by UEA as well as the relays. Essex University cleaned up in the field events as UEA had no field athletes on the day. UEA was able to win most of the sprints but this wasn’t enough to take the victory. UEA Athletics President Alfie Long said: “looking forward to smashing them next year instead.”

Men’s Rugby

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Image: Oscar Ress

UEA 11-0 Essex

UEA men’s rugby ran out 11-0 victors at Derby Day this year. Finlay Chesson scored the only try of the game while UEA’s Lucas Atherton slotted home two penalties. This was the first time that UEA have recorded a shutout on Essex territory, which marked a dominant performance for the team.

Women’s Rugby

UEA 17-10 Essex

What a day! This year has been such a tough season for the Wolfpack. We have experienced many losses (every BUCS game and all bar two NC2 games) which have been really hard to bounce back from. The girls have continued to train hard and keep each other’s morals boosted, despite many spells of frustration and upset. It all paid off yesterday and we came back with a 17-10 win. For many girls this was their last and first Derby Day and it definitely lived up to its expectations. It was really important for us to continue the Wolfpack’s winning streak at Derby Day and to prove to the club that we can do it. Everyone put 100% into the game and we couldn’t have asked for a better end to the season.

Men’s Volleyball 

UEA 0-3 Essex

It was always going to be a very tough match for both of our men’s and women’s teams, facing up against two very strong BUCS Premier level sides. 

Our men’s team took some time to get into the game, quickly going down a set 25-10. The Essex service was particularly strong throughout the game, and initially the UEA serve receive struggled to provide setter Alex Lam with many good options to set up an attack on the net. 

The second set was another story entirely. The UEA team began to pull together and put up a valiant effort against the home side. The serve received was excellent and allowed the outside hitters Adam Henderson and Armin Nikpour to hit well on the net. Much of Essex’s attack was stifled by great blocking from middles Adam Knight and Joe Isbill, as well as opposite hitter Kwame Aidoo. Libero Non Kandet had great command of the background and picked up many of the Essex hits. Unfortunately this was not quite enough and the second set went to the home side, 25-22. 

The last set was a repeat of the first, and UEA were unable to overturn the 2-0 deficit, the set ended 25-12, Essex winning 3-0 overall. Despite being huge underdogs, UEA made a great stand and did themselves proud. It was a great day to be a part of and thanks to everyone involved to make it run smoothly.

Women’s Volleyball

UEA 0-3 Essex

UEA has struggled with service reception during first set against Essex’s effective float services. This struggle also gave very little options to the team’s setter set our middle players. Towards the end of the second set girls started pushing back where they got couple point back-to-back. Second set Essex started with the serve where UEA had a hard time to break their serves and get out of their position. The last set, UEA’s coach had a different strategy where he changed the team’s setter position to a middle player and start the rotation with some sub players. This strategy worked well where UEA girls kept the pressure against Essex.


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Image: Oscar Ress.

Women’s UEA 11-3 Essex

Another win for Women’s Lacrosse meant the end to a very successful season. With it being the last match a lot of us would ever play for UEA we were eager to go out on a high. It also felt that little bit more important since Derby day hadn’t been able to happen for the last two years, and we were hoping to replicate the double win for the men’s and women’s teams in 2019. The women’s match was off to a great start, having only conceded 2 goals and being firmly in the lead by half time. 

Sadly the final quarter of the match was cut short when an attempt at goal left an Essex player injured and meant that the game had to have an early finish. Thankfully she is okay. Despite this the women finished with an impressive 11-3 win, meaning victories all round for UEA Lacrosse as the men’s team also took home a big win.

Pole fitness

UEA Pole Fitness’s competition squad named the ‘Scorpios’ entered 3 beginner, 3 intermediate and 2 advanced level competitors. The level of each category is determined by the difficulty of the moves the competitor can demonstrate in their routines. For example, if a beginner were to do an invert, it would be considered ‘illegal’ as it is outside of their ‘level’, causing a deduction in marks. The competitors are marked on the execution of their moves, performance, musicality and fluidity of their personally choreographed routines. Essex Pole are fierce competitors, no one can predict who will win on the day as both universities have succeeded in the past.

The results for the UEA Scorpios are as follows: Georgia Maginn placed 3rd in beginners; Lottie Dyce placed 1st and Ana Solano Heranz placed 3rd in the intermediate category; Rhianna-lily Smith placed 2nd and Rosa Hopper placed 3rd in advanced. With 5 points in it, the UEA Scorpios won!

The atmosphere was incredibly supportive, as both universities cheered each other’s competitors; especially for Rhianna-Lily Smith as she competed with a cracked rib! Overall, the results convey how close the competition was, which made it a tense and exciting watch.


Men’s UEA 20-4 Essex

Women’s UEA 17-1 Essex

Men’s team won 20-4 and the women’s team won 17-1.

Our men’s and women’s teams both put in an amazing effort, and we came away with two wins. Both teams played great making multiple catches, ending sets quickly and proving hard to hit out.

For the men’s team Callum Chow and Tom Gayter played very well with Callum making some crucial hits and controlling the game well for the team. Tom made his debut with our dodgeball first team and made multiple catches for the team and was always on the court proving himself hard to get out.

For the women’s team Ariel Wong and Georgia Brown both played very well with Ariel making some great dodges and also being able to get some great hits when needed. Georgia made some great catches for the women’s team and was a constant threat on the court.

Everyone played well on the day, and this can be seen in the great results which we came away with.


The womens started off the day with three singles wins, capped off by an amazing three hour win from Vaniya Moradi. Great performance from On her last day, Sophia Herman won her singles effortlessly, but it was a tough match for Evie Smart against their Number 1. There was a solid win for Andrea Szvercsak, dispatching her tough opponent with some great tennis. Although we only needed one of the doubles, they made sure it was a convincing victory, winning both of them in straight sets. Shoutout to Katie Balls, who came in for the doubles, and combined well with Andrea for a convincing victory.

The men had a tough task to follow, especially against a team that won their division this season.  However, they started off with a bang, with Sam Alcock and Tom Beuttell-Triggs winning comfortably, only losing 5 games in the process. Unfortunately Matt Cooper and Alex Watkinson couldn’t replicate the success, with a closely fought loss. To avoid a nail biting shoot out conclusion, we needed three of the four singles games, which Marcus Leong set us on track for with a 45 minute 6-0, 6-0 domination of a match. Next to finish was Matt Cooper, who tickled a very decent opponent off the court to avenge the doubles loss. It was up to Alex Watkinson to put the final nail in Essex’s coffin, teaching a lesson to someone who as far as we know hasn’t lost a BUCS singles match all season. Finally, Jack Ardern topped off the day with a championship tiebreak win to match the womens score of 5-1. 

Overall, an amazing day of tennis, and the first derby day win our mens have had in recent memory.

A big thank you to all the teams who contributed a run-down of the day’s events!


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