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Young people feel extremely unhappy about the imminent outcome of Brexit, this is according to a survey done by Dig in. The research of over 35,000 students was conducted by Dig In, via their database of UK students between 1st September and 15th October 2019. The survey questioned students about a range of questions pertaining to Brexit; how much they loved the idea, how optimistic they were about the future after Brexit and what they actually wanted to be focused on, to name a few. From the 35,000 surveyed, 62% responded saying they either ‘hate it’ or ‘dislike it’,  compared with the 9% who said they ‘love it’. Optimism levels have also fallen, as from those surveyed only 7% loved or liked what the future held for them after Brexit. This showed a fall from 27% to 7% of the optimism levels among the youth about Brexit. Students are more hell-bent about leaders shifting their focus from Brexit to climate change as a whooping 53% thought that leaders should do this. Commenting on the figures, CEO of Dig In, Chris Platt, said: “These findings are hard to hear – our student community is clearly concerned about its future. Much has been said in the past about the split of Leavers vs Remainers being heavily weighted by age, but this large scale poll shows just how opposed to Brexit these young people – the potential future leaders of this country – feel. My hope is that their thoughts, feelings and future outcomes are carefully considered by whichever government is in power in their near future.”



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May 2022
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