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If you’re reading this, it worked

It’s no exaggeration when I say that this issue was like trying to achieve space travel with only a Physics GCSE. I am, if nothing else, a resilient person, but producing two publications on only two working Macs will push anyone to a hair-pulling level of stress.

Quite honestly, if not for our BBC Best Student Publication nomination I wouldn’t have made it through this issue. But here I am, here’s our paper, and if you look on the BBC website, there’s our nomination. We are heading to the awards in London during October and we’ll keep you updated on our progress. We’re pretty excited for the free dinner.

Speaking of our successes, (more humble brags ahead), we now have our very own Livewire show – multimedia baby – so Concrete can reach you by audio as well as the written word. I know you’re all crying out for more of us, so tune in Tuesday 5pm to hear ‘A Week In Concrete’. Our first show is this week, and so give us a break if we don’t ace the tech, I’m not, yet, Greg James.

Check out HeyUEA on for more details of The Media Collective’s goings on and to see if your society social media has featured in our roundup. I picked our piece from the archive which reports on students frustration at the limited 21/22 bus route. I found the front page while waiting an HOUR for the number 25. Some things never change.

There are fewer dark fruits cans littering campus which can only mean one thing, freshers’ week is over – finally. I’m glad to have all our new first-year members, but I am even happier to say the mad members society scramble is over for now. I can put away my smile until Media Ball in December.

In the absence of cans, transphobic stickers have appeared on campus. You can learn more about the incident on our front page with Matthew Nixon’s investigation into the university’s reaction. I speak for all of Concrete when I say, that kind of intolerance is not welcome in our community and our offices will always be a safe space.

I’m sad that it happened on our campus, though on social media I’ve seen it happening in other universities too. We will always report on and call out those who are ignorant enough to attack people, simply for being who they are.

So if you are reading this, against all odds, the issue is done. I hope you enjoy the 354th instalment of Concrete. I can stop my hair-pulling – at least, until the next issue.



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January 2022
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